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Arun Prem

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Welcome to Oil Paintings of India, a gallery of contemporary fine art.

COMMISSIONING artwork.  I accept commissions occassionally for artwork consistent with the Oil Paintings of INDIA themes.  Please email me for inquiries.


PAYMENTS & SHIPPING  Payments may be made via check, Chase QuickPay, or Wells Fargo transfer or by check.  Artwork will be shipped immediately after payment has been deposited in receiving bank.  Free shipping via USPS priority mail is offered with any order;   For large paintings the canvas is removed from frame and shipped in rolled condition in durable cardboard tube.  Other shipping options available at cost.


Thanks for visiting Oil Paintings of India!


Arun Prem


24101 Marathon Street

Mission Viejo, CA 92691



As an artist owned gallery I appreciate your interest and I recommend you take your time with the decision to buy artwork.  Owning art is like owning a pet - you have it for ever and you better love it or the results will be tragic in some way.   Ultimately your gut may be the best indicator of whether you are ready to make a purchase.    I'm happy to respond to any queries or provide more specifics on your selection.  I often work with students and young professionals with budgets to find a good fit between quality artwork and affordability - if you have a specific amount in mind, I will do my best to find you something you love or inform you when it becomes available.  When you do like something enough to want to own it, rest assured that your purchase has intrinsic value due to the creativity and work invested in it.   


Arun Prem

Oil Paintngs of India
















Musings on purchasing art by experts:


"The first thing is to always and only to buy what you like, what you are happy to have and live with on your walls at least for a cetrain amount of time"


"In the last few years there has been a fundamental shift in the art market which has developed and evolved during this time probably as much as it ever has before; the cultural appreciation for art has boomed, and technology and the internet in particular, has made us even more transparent and accessible to collectors anywhere in the world" Steven P. Murphy, Forbes India


“There are two types of collectors,” the Turkish Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Orhan Pamuk wrote in his 2009 opus, The Museum of Innocence. “The Proud Ones, those pleased to show their collections to the world; and The Bashful Ones, who hide away all they have accumulated.” The Proud, Pamuk’s protagonist Kemal observes, regard a museum as a natural ultimate destination for their collections. “They maintain that whatever a collection’s original purpose, it is, in the end, an enterprise intended for proud display in a museum.” The Bashful, on the other hand, collect purely for the sake of collecting. Pamuk himself turned from Bashful to Proud, thus establishing a third category, when he decided to make his words flesh by building an actual, physical museum; a real-life ode to the one he constructed in his fiction. 


Metro News/Hyderabad : There is a lot of interest in Indian art across the world. The Indian art market is reviving and is on an upward swing. In the last couple of years, the customer base has quadrupled, said Sonal Singh, associate director, Christie’s India. Christie's clocked a total sale of Rs 96.6 crore at its first ever auction in India at Mumbai last month, doubling pre-sale expectations. Speaking at an interactive session organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) at Hyderabad on Thursday, Sonal Singh said that there was market for every type of art. In her presentation, she gave some tips on how to start an art collection, taking care of the collection, etc., to the audience comprising of members of FLO, art enthusiasts and art students.nternationally acclaimed artist Bose Krishnamachari also spoke in the interactive session.  Sonal Singh said that people should buy what they like, know the field, do their research and understand art. 


COPYRIGHT information.  All artwork on this website is copyright of Arun Prem and may not be reproduced, copied or used in any manner without the artist's written consent.


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