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GALLERY 1 Series Age of Dislocation
Arun Prem's Oil Paintings of INDIA 

In a global economy the physical and temporal mashing of cultures and thought can be seen and felt in the bewildering cast and the unprecedented etiquettes of coexistence. The paintings in this gallery - including Angeles Inc., Save the Mermaid and Hereafters Inc., are part of a recent series at Oil Paintings of India that project the angst of entering a new age.




GALLERY 2 - Series A Lonely Planet


Arun Prem's Oil Paintings of INDIA


Ironically the planet grows lonelier as it grows populous; the isolation may be a result of technology becoming the interface replacing human interaction; it may also be due to greater numbers of people migrating longer distances due to fallout from a global economy.

GALLERY 3 - Series Vanishing Present
Arun Prem's Oil Paintings of INDIA

In India, the land of spectacle, it is largely women who contribute color to the landscape.  Most traditional garb has  vibrant hues, volume and flow that is riveting for the brush just as it for the camera.  Many of the paintings in this series are based on images provided by noted photographers Nevil Zaveri, Claude Renault, Ingrid Stainier and several others.  There is an archival sice to these paintings as the customs, and the lifestyle and traditions they represent are taking a back seat to expediency.  Universl casual clothes that are the fast food of the garment industry are rampant due the convenience they afford to busier lifestyles.

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